A Rustic Chic Wedding

Published: 09th September 2010
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Rustic & Rustic Chic Weddings

What's more personal then getting married on the family farm? Or if you're family doesn't necessarily have a farm or enough space in their backyard, consider a venue that's rustic and barn like. What I love about rustic venues is the atmosphere they create. The warped wood, paint peeling, easily accessing the outdoors, the night sky, intimate setting, adds a little something extra that you may not get at a big banquet hall.

Rustic and rustic chic weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Not just because of the great surroundings your guests will enjoy. But weddings are scaling down in size, generally less than 150 and becoming more of an intimate affair inviting only your closest friends and family members. So the big ballroom may not be the quiet intimate setting you envision when settling down and celebrating with your guests.

What I love about this type of wedding is you can really personalize the details by creating DIY favours such as homemade jams or honey and maybe even candy apples picked from the orchard. You can utilize the free decor that already exists on the farm or barn such as wooden wagon wheels, hay barrels, corn stalks, old farm trucks, wooden tables & chairs, antique furniture, horseshoes, milk bottle, watering cans, mason jars, trees etc. Perhaps grow your own flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces. And what a great photo opportunity for your photographer with all kinds of great locations around the farm.

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